Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sammamish Christmas

We spent our time in Seattle doing a few things at home, like:
Organizing the laundry room (Go Scott!)

And going out for lunch- TERIYAKI! I love Niko's so much! I've built it up a lot in my mind over the last 3 years since I've eaten there, and do you believe it was even BETTER than I anticipated? Yeah, REALLY tasty!
Along with the Jamba it was a DREAM meal. With plenty for leftovers! One thing I love about Sammamish/Redmond (Besides the teriyaki of course) is the wide selection of cheeses.

I swear you can only buy about 5 types of cheese within a 40 mile radius of my house. Oh Utah... You should have seen Scott checking out all the varieties!

Whats a trip to Lake Sammamish without a walk around the lake? Everyone kept trying to get me to walk faster and longer... they were all really eager that day.

And, me at 22 weeks. My parents seriously have a million dollar view. It is really a treat to wake up, eat meals, play games, and do everything we do at the lake.

Merry Christmas from Sammamish!

Thanks for the fun visit!

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Noelle said...

Can we see an "after pic" of the laundry room? I love that Seattle has a good cheese selection too. Good choice on the nikos... are you jivin' me?