Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Las Vegas

Las Vegas was everything we hoped for and more! I tried this new layout and I can't seem to get the pictures in order- so it's not chronological, but just a sampling from our trip:

Praise the heavens, Scott got new board shorts! His old shorts will be burnt at our next campfire. That's how bad they were.
Our first stop was the outlet mall.
Ravella. Our hotel was about 30 min. from the strip. Far enough to relax, close enough to hit the shows!
Once there, I realized it was our first hotel since our honeymoon! We have stayed in motels, but they don't compare :)

Out on the town... hi Vess!
Vess and Angie at the Venitian

The taco competition next to our hotel made for a delicious lunch!
We went to the Hoover Dam! A pretty fun outing :)

Just out for our morning walk. So relaxing!

James and Kylie got a DELICOUS fried oreo dessert which they shared with us. YUM.

The Ravella has lots of gardens- rumor is that it is the old Ritz Carlton!

Vess and Angie are sooo romantic with the famous frozen hot chocolate from Serindipity. I would highly recommend that restaurant on the strip!

Mystere pretty much blew us away. So graceful, and SO strong!
We had a big waterfall and beach at the hotel too! Perfect place to lay out!

Op- there is Hoover dam again!

And Vess, photobombing again.

James and Scott were good drivers. Never crashed. Not even once!

the lobster at the Treasure Island buffet was delish! (Not the best buffet ever...)

There were chandeliers like this about every 10 feet in the hotel. How de-LIGHT-ful!

The whole crew at Serendipity!

Kylie was in the market for some new glasses, do you think these work?

Scott at the hotel beach. We could definitely go back!!!


Escobar Family said...

very fun trip!!! so fun to have friends to go with too!

Noelle said...

Wow, nice shades! Sorry I'm so behind on commenting! I will do better now that I'm back in town. Glad your vegas trip was such a success. Have a fun rest of your summer!