Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pasty Skin Forever.

It is spring! Hallelujah. Utah is an eternal winter. I don't know why people (let alone us!) live here where it is winter 8 months of the year. October - May people. The summer is really great, and we always find fun things to do outside, but winter is just really long. Saturday was truly SUNNY! So, we went up the canyon to one of our favorite places (just a pull off above Vivian Park) for a few hours of sun and fun. The spf 8 is mine, 55 is for Scott.
Good books, conference talks, starburst, and a bit of cantaloupe made for a perfect afternoon.

The sky is now cloud-covered once again, with rain on and off. People who think Seattle weather is bad should come to Utah to find out about bad weather...

But hey, we had a beautiful weekend, let's be grateful for that. And, let's plan to escape Utah. Where winter and pasty skin both last forever.

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