Monday, July 11, 2011


We actually did it. We actually bought our tickets :)

See if you can guess where we're headed in September:

1. It requires 4 planes to get there from SLC.

2. This place encourages rock climbing, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, and white water rafting!

3. We were inspired to go here by National Geographic's Adventure magazine "Best Trip" highlight.

4. James Bond spent a lot of time in this region.

5. This destination is famous for their truffles. Not the chocolate kind. The mushroom kind.

6. (The giveaway clue:) This country's nick name is "The Land of the Thousand Islands."


yep that's right...

we're going to:


We'll have a few days in Italy and Hungary on the beginning and end of the trip, and side trips to Bosnia (random, we know) and Montenegro. If you or anyone you know has been to this region, let me know! Planning is in full force!

We'll be off the grid September 1-17. Loooove that!

If you guessed it in those clues, leave a comment and tell me which number gave it away for you!


Julie T said...

Hot zigs! I guessed on the final clue, but only because I had been looking to go there as part of a cruise because of all the beautiful islands! They say it's much prettier than Greece and to just hit Santorini and a couple of other spots there.

Noelle said...

So....what made you guys dream up Croatia in the first place?? Travel mags? I am so excited to hear about your adventures :)

Marianne said...

To be honest I hadn't heard much about Croatia till I read this post. Then I google-imaged it and it's beyond BEAUTIFUL! You're going to have the best time, I can't wait to hear all about it!

Elise said...

I just found your blog! Hope that's okay. :) I'm so excited that you get to go on a trip. You won't regret it!