Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Remember Cactus Jack? Well we found our way back to his stomping grounds for Ed's 50th birthday party at the barn!There was a cotton candy machine, ice cream machine and cheeseburgers for everyone!

We mostly chatted with family, but it was definitely fun to have my dad take us around to meet people from his childhood. So in honor of his birthday TODAY, let me introduce you to some people from his childhood:

This woman on the left is my dad's second grade teacher, Coleen Shelby. She looks like a teacher, right? She taught my dad and all the brothers how to write. Handwriting, that is. And because of this, their letters are all the very same. It's kind of trippy. She says my dad was a great 2nd grader :)

Next up, Martin Calderwood! This is the boy my dad sat next to in the clarinet section of the band. He claims that dad was the track star, and he was better at the clarinet. I don't believe him... I think my dad was the star of both!

And now, Cindy Wettstein, the lady who reconnected my mom and dad after several years apart. She lived down the street from dad growing up, and was then mom's mission companion in Spain. A few phone number exchanges and my parents were dating again!

And, last but definitely not least, Bill Wagner! He went on a backpacking trip with just my dad, and together they earned the nature merit badge. He's the kind of guy who's not just "someone who helped with scouting," but truly a legacy for so many, and a life long friend for my dad. You could tell that he is a hard worker, and always has been.

My dad is really the best!

He listens to me when I'm happy or sad.

He celebrates my victories.

He works very hard to give me opportunities and advantages.

He gives me perspective when I feel like the world is ending.

He slides down waterfalls in Samoa with me.

He does what he asks others to do.

He encourages me to be intentional about my life.

He taught me the difference between needs and wants.

My dad always keeps his word.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Julie T said...

Beautiful, beautiful post and tribute! I agree with everything you said about Dad-he is the best! Great blasts from the past! I loved seeing key people from his childhood: especially my first mission companion that got me his phone number in law school! Thanks for being such an appreciative daughter, Stefanie- we love you!

Noelle said...

Well that was very interesting. Thanks for getting pics of all those people for us. The handwriting thing is pretty trippy---also I loved the part about perspective when you think the world is ending. :) We sure have a great Dad.

gwt said...

Stefanie, thanks so much for all the thought and effort you put into make me a birthday post. It is such a blessing to me and mom to have such wonderful and thoughtful children. It is a great day - started off with a trip to see Uncle Rob at 7am in the dentist chair - and hearing those great words "things look great!". Things really do look great from where I see them. Thanks again for being a wonderful, supportive and happy daughter. I am so glad to be part of your life! Dad

Heather said...

Awesome post Stef, you're a good example to your siblings.