Friday, August 5, 2011

Snowbird Love

What perfect timing to have my cousin get sealed to our family the week of Snowbird! It was such a special time for our family at the temple with this new baby! We were just sad Grandpa couldn't be there with us :(

I didn't have my camera with me at the temple! So sad!
But then, so happy, we went to our favorite place: Snowbird!
Joe Man taught us how to plank. Is this the new thing? Is it a fad? I don't really get it, but we got good at it :)

I guess our walk to the overlook just wasn't crazy enough, so we took a shortcut on the way back.
So SO great to have dad in town. I am sad to report the results of our Pedro game. Scott and I were ahead 47 to 15, then dad started bidding and Bry was the perfect support. We fell fast. I hate setting.
We got to go up later in the week for some more good food, cousin love, and hot tubbing in the mountains. Oh, and I had a toenail painting intervention from my artistic cousin Katie. Thank heavens, those toes were getting pretty desperate!


Kelsey Cole said...

thanks for your sweet comment girlie! I love your planking pictures:) I've never done it, but it does seem to be the new thing! like maybe the new "parkour"?
this looks like such a fun weekend with family! and you are gorgeous:)

Heather said...

sounds fun, though I've NEVER heard of planking. I am an old woman now though I guess. Stinks to lose at Pedro, sorry!

Noelle said...

Was dad wearing a four pocket shirt? I've never heard of planking either. Glad you spiced up your hike.