Wednesday, December 21, 2011

MoTab Christmas Concert

We spent Sunday in SLC. We were literally gone all day (longer than a work day) and were tuckered out by the time we got home! My mom scored us some tickets to the Christmas concert in the conference center featuring Jane Seymour and some "famous" singer who wasn't really my style. Jane stole the show. I can only imagine what a show with David Archuleta (last year's vocalist) and Jane Seymour as the narrator would be like!

Well after we parked Bryan just said "Come to the corner, you can't miss me." And I think he was right! I have the two most handsome boys around! Scott was thrilled to finally see the death masks at the museum on temple square. He has been dreaming of this day for over 2 years. Seriously. Since before we were married he has been talking about the death masks. I wonder what he will fixate on now that we've checked this one off the list!

The rest of the day we spent at church in Centerville and at the after party for our cousin Daniel. He is leaving for a mission in Guadalajara Mexico next week! I'm sad I didn't get my camera out at that event! After the party, we transferred our grandparents from the house to the car to the assisted living, which is quite the ordeal. Many bear hugs later we got Grandpa safely to him room. Phew! Had some friends over for personal apple pies once we got home, and called it a night!

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Noelle said...

True, you can't miss Bry in that coat! I'm jealous, I always love this concert! I'm shocked that Scott had never seen the masks!