Friday, December 2, 2011

Hathaway Christmas

Since we'll be in Washington for the real Christmas, we celebrated Christmas Hathaway style the weekend after Thanksgiving! Decorations go up! And stockings are open! Santa was very good to us. Specialized Sees candy and Bath and Body Works soap!

A trip to Sundance was in order!

We saw some cool glass blowing and kept our eyes out for Robert Redford.

No luck.

And later, presents!

Scott really loved his gifts. Months ago, he mentioned these glasses that would make him feel like a king with every sip. So I logged it away, and had them wrapped under the tree for our pseudo Christmas. Well Saturday morning Scott ran to grab some things at the store, and he came back with 2 boxes of the exact glasses that were under the tree!

Luckily SueAnn liked them too, so the other set didn't go to waste! And no returns for me!

John got us each an awesome Colombia titanium waterproof shell! We were not expecting them at all and really love them! I don't think I've rocked my gangsta pose since college. Wow.

And we finally got around to eating dinner at 10:45! Well, we sort of had a mix up with the meat which delayed our eating time. Everybody had a good laugh and we ended up eating our traditional prime rib before the day was done.

Scott was very eager.



Heather said...

Looks like you had an incredible Thanksmas! Yeah!

Jessica Holly said...

That sounds fabulous! We'll be in WA for Christmas as well!