Tuesday, June 11, 2013

(A Break From the) Road Trip: BeeGee Land!

Morning walks around the block:
Lots of fun remotes to play with:
Back scratches from the Beeg.
And lots of laughs:
And snuggles.  With BeeGee and of course Lambie.
The biggest thrill for Scott was returning to Sonoma to buy Humboldt Fog cheese.  He remembers it fondly from our Thanksgiving trip, and though we only had to drive 30 min from BG's place, I think he would have driven 2 hours to get it again.
It's a goat brie with a smoky flavor.
The Sonoma playground was a lot of fun.  We have become park hoppers in whatever city we find ourselves.
She had a BIG crush on the blond boy.  Staring, fingers in mouth, turn away and act shy... she's got it all.
Feeding the ducks!
BeeGee took us to her favorite Itallian place:  Citti's.  The ravioli was delightful.
Even T finished off her plate.  As always.  
Love you BeeGee!
Oh, the next day we drove through Humboldt. Now we understand where the name "Humboldt fog" comes from!
Tomorrow, The Redwoods!

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