Thursday, June 20, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Grilled veggies and flank steak were served on the deck just as we walked through the door from our road trip.  Noelle + kids were here along with my parents, and it wasn't long before Heather called from Spokane (4 hours away) saying she'd wasn't about to miss out, and would show up with her gang the next morning.  It was a fun, whirlwind, family weekend!

Autumn and Tatum.  
We affectionately refer to them as "Frienemies."

Cousin breakfast!

Mom took part of the crew to play pickleball, while the rest of us ventured to Farrel McWhirter Park, a log-time favorite.
Cosmo the new Labradoodle puppy!

The tire swing was wet, resulting in this:

Thanks for coming Noelle and Heather, it was so fun to be together at last!


Noelle said...

I guess I am really behind on your blog. I love reviewing all these fun times. Thanks for posting!

Heather said...

Together at last ... together forever Cany you name the movie that song lyric is from?