Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

We love our Dad.  
There are no two ways about it.

He really makes us feel good about ourselves,
and he always wants to have a good time with us.
I'm pretty sure his greatest desire is to make memories together,
and mostly just BE together.
 And because this photo is so cool with Heather's red pants:
 (We so wish Bryan could have been here with us!)

My dad has worked really hard to provide for our needs and even a lot of our wants.
He's taught us how to work hard, save money, and do our homework perfectly :)
He is hands down, the best listener I know.

He is a man of his word, and my dad keeps his covenants.
He loves our mother.

I can speak for all us kids in saying that 
we know he loves us, no matter what!

Happy Father's Day Dad!  
Kick your heels for us in Ireland this month!

And, Scott.  Where do we begin.  Pretty sure I sing his praises often, but today:

He exposes our baby to new, wonderful experiences
 He is teaching her to adore hot water:
 He changes a lot of dirty diapers.  Even blowouts, and even when it's inconvenient.
 And he packs that girl around, rain or shine!

He is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, 
thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.
(Basically, If I were getting an Eagle Scout award, I'd award a pin to him!)

Love you Scott!


Scott said...

Thanks babe. I love you two!

gwt said...

Wow that's wonderful. Thank you so much. I do love being together. We had a wonderful family day today with our Irish cousins. We also got to kick up our heels with a bunch of cows who didn't like us invading their pasture to get a photo of tbe d Farrelly homestead. More later.

Heather said...

We have the best dad! Great tribute Stef.