Saturday, June 15, 2013

Road Trip Day 3: Bandon, Oregon

We woke up Friday morning and had no idea where we'd end up.  Well, that's not true.  We knew we would drive 6-9 hours north... perhaps along the coast, maybe inland, maybe we'd sleep near the redwoods, or maybe we'd go on.  Nomads, I tell you.  Well once we'd been on the road for a few hours, we started doing our research (God bless our trusty Garmin GPS.) and making a few calls.  Scott picked Bandon off the map, a nice central point to sleep and then either drive to Cannon Beach the following day, or go all the way home to Sammamish.  
So we arrived in Bandon around 4pm and it didn't take long to realize we'd found heaven on earth.  We travel the world in search of beauty, good food, and friendly people.. turns out we have it in the state next door!  

Are you serious?!?  Gorgeous!

Love her face!
The trick to getting a good family photo is to ask someone with an SLR, and who is willing to act like a goon to get a smiling baby!
I hope T will always love the sand.  She loves to dig in and have fun!  
Scott loved showing T around the tide pools and letting her touch all the starfish and anemones!  
The next morning, we took a quick walk on the beach before setting off for Newport, Oregon.  

That morning light is just unbeatable!
This Fish and Chips place is the kind that opens when the owner gets up, and gets around to it, and closes when they want to go home.  It's local, it's fresh, and it's dang good.
Newport is bigger than Bandon, but still has the small town feel.  We took a walk on the pier, watched the fresh fish get processed, went to a toy shop, learned about crabbing and clamming in the northwest (stay tuned for a future adventure!) and ate clam chowder at Mo's!
The sea lions were infinitely more entertaining here than in San Fran.  They were barking, jumping on/off the dock, interacting and just a lot of fun to watch!

(I think "oyster specialist" is part of his identity now.  He is developing quite a discerning pallet for them.

This was the best day.

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Julie T said...

Glad you had such a great time! I tell you, I love Oregon! And you got some fantastic photos!!