Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 1: Newport Bikes

We got up very early to catch our 6am flight.  Turns out the airport is busy, we were the second to last people on the plane with 2 minutes to spare!
She wasn't too happy to be woken up either...
Ruby was a STAR on the flights there and back.  First flight she slept the entire time, second flight she was awake and playing but never made a peep.  
The man sitting in our row was pleasantly surprised.  She did so well we want to take her on an international flight :)
After arriving in Long Beach, we went to Aunt Marsha's where Ruby was totally loved.
Then, off to the beach for a ride on the boardwalk!
Ruby loved hanging out on the sand.


The wedge.

Then we had lunch at the crab cooker!

YUMMM shrimp!
And... the famous Sprinkles cupcakes.
Blueberry lemonade, chocolate white chocolate, and red velvet.  Delish!

And we ended the day with a visit from the Giles.  
Thanks for the fun times everyone!


Carly said...

1. Tatum is just getting cuter by the day.
2. I love your hair.
3. I almost wept jealous tears at work because I love the Crab Cooker so much!

Noelle said...

international flight huh? Where to? We got your postcard yesterday! Thanks so much....Jake's been carrying it around with him and telling people about his cousin Tatum and Annie Fanny.

gwt said...

Great photos and congrats on the "traveler kid". The photo of Scott biking with the bjorn is great. Thanks for sharing