Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 5: Newport Tour

We took a tour of Newport Harbor!  SueAnn had Groupons to fulfill and it was a perfect activity for us!  The boat left right near Balboa pier...

And we just rode around looking at all the stars homes.  
This one is owned by the owners of The Four Seasons.  I hear their wait staff is superb!
I can't remember whose this one is, but one that we saw was bought by Shirley Temple for her family when she was only 13 years old!
Rock Hudson, John Wayne, Chuck Norris, Bob Hope, George Burns, Bette Midler, and Nicholas Cage are a few I remember who own or have owned homes here.
This is the site for Gilligan's Island!
We past a clothing store where you must have an appointment to shop, and pay a cover charge just to get in!  Super fancy.
And a little lunch overlooking the ocean

Down to the water for a little sand time!

R was pretty hard to push up the hill...
Another good day in California!

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