Thursday, July 5, 2012

Les' Model T

Our landlord came by the other day with his Model T.
He has already redone it twice and is about to redo it for a third time.
I don't really know what "redoing" it means... but it takes several years and 3 garages each time he does a remodel.
Barbara told me that :)
He was driving it around town and came by to give Scott a ride.
And tell him all about it :)

This model T was the first one to have a rear view mirror and a windshield washer.  The windshield washer is manual of course.
This car had lanterns for headlights,
and hand carved spokes on the wheels.
Once Les left our house, he left this dripping from the car:
maybe that is why he is doing another remodel... :)
Love Les and Barb, they continue to be so good to us!


Claire said...

Yikes, that's a lot of coolant! I've seen that in my bus driving days, haha. What a sweet car though :)

Noelle said...

Oh wow. What cool landlords you have. What is that green stuff?