Thursday, July 5, 2012

SLC Famers Market

So that night we went to Red Iguana with friends in SLC?  We also went to City Creek where I left my cell phone in Restoration Hardware.
I have a first generation iphone that runs slower than molasses.  
(40+ seconds to open a text message.  Even longer to take a picture or scroll through the phone book.)
Not to mention that it is taped together, and the volume switch toggles easily, so the ringer goes off during quiet times.

ANYWAY... I left my phone at the store.
So the next morning we had to go get it, and stopped by the Pioneer Park Farmer's Market while we were at it.

This hand scrub was AMAZING.
The farmers market was splendid.
Unique trinkets
and gorgeous art.
Then, on to City Creek

Where Scott found sunnies that were far too expensive,
and I may or may not have tried on a gorgeous diamond ring.


Margene said...

did they still have your iphone??

Noelle said...

Sounds like a fun day :) I have your xmas gift (and Tatum's...)