Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 2: Relax

We began the morning at the Corona farmers market.  It was AMAZING!  We bought fresh basil for suuuuper cheap (Why doesn't it come this way in Utah?) We got a 3 layer dip: feta, sundried tomatoes and basil... nothing more delicious!  And of course, some fresh peaches and berries. 
If that's not a good morning I don't know what is.
Just hangin out on the patio with grandma and grandpa.  
Can you say "Ensalada Caprese?" 
Hit up TJ Maxx.  Neither of us bought these shirts, but, fun to try on.  Again, California has much more and better selection than Utah...
The Boy and the Babe.
A good day :)


Noelle said...

She is looking so bright eyed. Adorable! I am super jealous of the caprese....

gwt said...

Keep those regular photos coming. She is growing up so fast! Great twinsies photo from TJ Maxx. Glad you could go.