Sunday, July 1, 2012

Strawberry Days Rodeo!

We missed the Pleasant Grove rodeo last summer
and I regretted it all year.

So this year, it was pretty tricky.
We had plans every other night of the week, so we had to go on Wednesday, the first day of the rodeo.
The day when they work out the kinks and try to get everyone where they are supposed to be.
Oh, and encourage the animals to cooperate in a new environment.

The money cows were super funny.
TONS of kiddos!
Ruby may chase after a cow with a dollar on it's ear one day...
But she won't do Mutton Bustin.  Too Rowdy.
We had strawberries n' cream!
Ruby liked it too, sans the berries.  And she likes a special kind of cream :)
One of the best parts was the halftime show.
It takes my breath away every time they flip and fly around.
Almost as scary as the bull milking where novices chase after get drug around by bulls on a rope.

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Noelle said...

Bull milking? Is that even possible? That BMX would take my breath away!