Monday, July 2, 2012

Thai Meal

Remember last year when Trang came over to teach us how to make Vietnamese spring rolls?
Well she gave us skills we have used many times since that day.
These are one of our favorite dinners,
as long as we're willing for a trip to Asia Mart,
and a BIG mess in the kitchen.
See those Mason jars?  They are filled with our new favorite drink which we are currently debating over a name for.  It is utterly delicious and fresh!

After dinner, we headed to the city carnival.  Ruby wanted to ride the zipper.  Don't worry, we told her "You can ride when you're older."  
For now, Ruby sticks with me!

(P.S.  We are in California now, taking lots of pics for future posts!)

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Noelle said...

What's the drink? Are you gonna post a recipe?