Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 3: Ruby's Party

Here we are, gearing up for Ruby to meet all the Hathaway friends!
Lots of sandwich!
Bishop Dellenbach with our sweet girl!
Love the Larimers!
Shane thinks his new cousin is pretty cool!
Good food and good friends= perfect Sunday afternoon
Brother Davider loves those babies!
The Taylors!  What a natural, Margene!
Oh Aunt Sally, love her!
The Hathaway family shot:
Grandpa Hathaway with (I think) his first great grandchild!

Dolly, love your shoes!
Ilma Silva was so great!  She just kept repeating how Ruby "comes to us from our Heavenly Father" and how she is a "living doll!"  Love her Brasilian accent!
SO precious Nancy!
And Vess... he's getting very good at the baby girl thing with a new granddaughter of his own!
The Hathaways had fun with the Taits in Fiji last December where they served their mission.
The patio is perfect for events like this!
and Glenda
SueAnn's friends from her teaching days.  So glad you could come!
I wish we'd gotten everyone, but it was kind of a busy afternoon!  Ruby was mostly awake and smiling for her new fans.  Never made a peep even through being passed to 25+ people and staying awake for 4-5 hours!  She is truly a living doll :)


Julie T said...

Wow! It's great that Tatum has so many fans and good friends! You know, that you are just being super blessed so that you'll be willing to have a few more, right? They can't all be nearly as easy as Tatum- you're just being eased in!

gwt said...

What a trooper. She takes after her mom and dad in always being ready for a party. I am glad so many could meet her in just a few hours.

Chelsea said...

Yay for Brasilian lady!! And for good family fun and for you two making the first great grandchild! Nice work sista.