Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Walk in the Backyard

The other day, we hadn't left the house and it was already 3pm!  So Scott had us put on our shoes and the trek through our backyard began!  First we met a cow.  All the cows here have this hump back and most of them have a saggy chin like the one pictured below.  T can almost say "MOOO" since we practice about 12x a day.
Next on our walk we came across a baby horse getting her bath!  I think that mini could only be a few weeks old- I wish you could see it try to walk! Isn't that cowboy the cutest?  You better believe that whenever I get news that a baby boy is coming to our family, my first purchase will be cowboy boots.  Too much!
Literally less than 5 minutes walk from our house!  

Scott is so good to carry her almost all the time!  His back and arms are so strong!!! 
Can you tell how green it is here?
And to think, it's not even the green season!
Stay tuned for pictures of T getting jealous of a white faced monkey, 
and a toucan eating my finger. 

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