Monday, February 4, 2013

T- 24 Hours

We are less than 24 hours away from departure and me and T are a wreck.  I am a sweaty mess, looking for various items, trying to organize all my belongings (again) and kind of feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of getting on board tomorrow.  We have travel insurance through World Nomads (who we have loved working with so far!) and I finally feel at peace with the idea that our taxes will get done.  I have been sorting through and collecting paperwork to get that figured out before we leave, along with a million and 1 other things, such as filling prescriptions, and Scott is at the Apple store right now buying an ipad?!  We are doing things kind of last minute, which is very against my nature!

As for Tatum, she has a 102 degree temperature.  We have been giving her loves and medicine today hoping its just teething and she will pull through by tomorrow.  We will see.  

I am trying to keep perspective and realize what I absolutely need to get done and what would be nice to do.  Hemming more shorts and repairing a necklace may not be worth the stress.  Even writing this post now is helping me calm down and recognize that things are okay and we will love our new life.  I think I should go take a shower and then zip up the bags so that tomorrow we can rest up before we begin this grand adventure!!!

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Chelsea said...

Aaah! I know how you feel! Just remember, as soon as you get on the plane you'll forget about all the crazy stress you just went through and it'll be all adventure from there on out :) Best of luck to you guys!