Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sergio is back from Nicaragua!

First of all:
I just killed an ant on my computer screen.  
Don't tell Scott.

Second of all:

Living space:

We live about 2km outside of La Fortuna.  La Fortuna is kind of an adventure town, specializing in hot springs.  We know, it's a SHOCKER that we ended up here!  We planned to start out at the beach, but now that we've spent several days here in the cooler weather (70-85 degrees), we are glad to begin our adventure here.

Master Bedroom

With painted walls!!!

Our apartamento is owned by an Argentinian man, Sergio, and his Spanish wife, Norma.  They lived in Corona (SMALL world... this is where Scott grew up!) for 30 years and speak fairly good English.  It was easy to communicate our needs with them and find a price/plan that works for both of us.  We are renting for 1 month, with the option to extend at a discounted rate.  This is not a Tico (Costa Rican) apartamento, so it is known as being safer and fancier.  The apartments are kind of set off the road, behind the restaurant that Sergio owns.   It is completely walled in and they have a guard at night, and a dog during the day. Haha!  

La Cocina:
See that blender?  Can you say SMOOTHIE time?? 
I already have the refrigerator stocked with big, fresh, juicy mangos.
When we saw the "furnished" apartment the first time, Sergio said he would need 1 week to get our furnishings.  It was completely empty when we first looked at it.  He'd just need a week notice to get a bed, couches, stove, fridge and a table.  (These supplies all come from San Jose (~2 hours away) or Quesada (~1 hour away, and don't worry I've already eaten a quesadilla there :) ) The catch was that we really didn't want to pay for hotels for another week while we waited.  When we went back to tell Sergio we wanted the place on Monday, he had gone to Nicaragua.  With him gone for who knows how long, and a week more to get furniture, we were wondering if this would work out, or if we'd end up at our 2nd choice: Rosa's, downtown.

Sergio came back from Nicaragua on Monday night (many MANY people go to Nicaragua every 90 days to renew their visa... even americans married to costa ricans, or people like Sergio who have lived in CR for a long time... playing this visa game is common.  Looks like we'll be in Nicaragua within 3 months!). We talked with him Tuesday morning, and he agreed to have a bed in by Wednesday (today) and he'd get the rest of the stuff asap.

The Second bedroom/T's room:
This means that we are now accepting visitors!  We even have sheets for you!  But, it is a "Bring Your Own Towel" accommodation!

Activities to entice you:
Tabacon Hot Springs
FREE hot springs!
Horseback riding
Waterfall hike
ATV tours
Zip Lining adventure (probs discounted)
Wildlife Rescue Center
Snake Zoo (You can go, I dont want to.)
Butterfly Breeding Facility (cool, eh?)


Today, Wednesday, we arrived and somehow he had gotten everything but the stove and couch and TV!  Pretty nice!  

We are thrilled to have a nice big patio to sit and enjoy the volcano/mountain view. We almost bought our own plastic chairs for $6 each at MaxiPali (Super WalMart) yesterday, but we are so glad we waited to see what Sergio would have for us! 

T is asleep in her room (CELEBRATE!  She has a room!) right now.  We are so happy that Norma downstairs has 2 grandkids (Mia is almost 2 and nameless boy is 5 months).  She has been so friendly today while Scott is gone to Liberia with the car... inviting me to come hang out and making sure I know how to use everything.  She is sweet, AND I may or may not have noticed that she has a sewing machine in her place.  I swear I'm not befriending her so I can use her machine, but perhaps that could just be a plus :)
We are so happy to be settled!


Chelsea said...

Whoo-hoo! I bet that feels SO nice to have a home base! I know it sure made a world of difference for us! Bring on the adventures!

I'm SUPER jealous of your fridge full of mangos. I may or may not have just looked up flights from Norway to Costa Rica.... ;)

Kimberly Moore said...

Yayyyyy!!!! It looks awesome and big and clean!!!! Sergio sounds like a real standup guy!!! Hope it was in the price range you were hoping for!! Oh and I hope the car return went without a hitch!!!

Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

Your new place is awesome! About 10x nicer than our apartment :) Have an amazing time!

Heather said...

What a fantastic find! Congrats and happy valentine's day! Love that T has her own room, that's a major victory. The place looks awesome.

Emily Holden said...

YEA!!! What a relief! SO HAPPY you found a place. I love that Tatum is enjoying the new home and surroundings too. It looks absolutely beautiful there! What a fun adventure!

Cory and Lyndsey said...

Finally catching up. This is amazing! LOVE the house! I want to come visit. And I LOVE all the photos! So happy you guys are having a blast.

P.S. You should make your photos x-large after you upload them onto the blogger page so we can see all your pictures better because they are so cool and I want a larger view of that beautiful place!