Thursday, February 14, 2013

How We Met

I was in New Zealand on a "play abroad." Scott was at BYU, going to school and teaching at the MTC. As winter semester came to an end, I was flirting with the idea of moving to Corona to stay with my aunt and uncle for the summer. Free rent, California wages, and a little change of pace... I mentioned this plan to my NZ friends, who then went on to rave about their old FHE brothers who were a group of guys from Corona. We subsequently looked up each of the boys' Facebook profiles, and I had my heart set on the red head. I'd scanned through his photos and seen that we had lots of common interests, and I was thrilled at the prospect of having red-headed babies.

Fast forward to Mother's Day 2007. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was doing some baking in the kitchen. My aunt Donnette said that some family friends were coming over... Little did I know it was SueAnn and John, with their son Scott who had driven home for mothers day. They all sat in the living room visiting as I pretended to be occupied in the kitchen, but was really just mulling over the reality of the fact that this boy I had researched was only 10 ft away! I got shy and probably only said one word the entire night, "Goodbye."

Maybe a week later, Scott had sympathy on the new girl (though I like to think it was more!) and offered to come pick me up for the singles ward FHE. I about had a heart attack at the prospect and went with him happily. Of course, I knew all the hot topics to casually bring up to showcase all our commonalities: rock climbing, travel, our love for gelato. :)

Fast forward 4 months to September in Provo: we were both in the same state and we finally went on our first date! To the puspuseria on center street and then to spray paint t-shirts on a grassy hill.

Second date

And that, my friends is only the beginning of our love story :)


Julie T said...

Wow. Does that seem like an eternity ago? So much water under the bridge--yet so much more behind it!
So really what you're saying is, you were on board before you ever met the guy! Or in other words, he "had you at Hello"!

Margene said...

Then there was Thanksgiving in Mexico at our cabin. And we all knew you would get married. You just don't take a boy/girl to Mexico without ending up getting married. remember we warn you two. Then we had to wait until the two of you figured it out. We love both of you guys.

Sandra and Brent said...

Hello from Denver, Co where I'm staying with my son Steve, his wife Kalli and their baby boy, Tyler Rex. It's been an almost surreal experience to read your posts about preparing for, moving to and living in Costa Rica. I mean, really Steph! Who just up and moves to Costa Rica?! Only you guys. You're awesome and courageous and I can't wait to read more!