Thursday, February 14, 2013

La Catarata

La Catarata means "the waterfall" in Spanish.
And is it ever!

You pay $10 each to enter this magnificent jungle.
T loves her backpack.  And so far, we love it too! (Kelty Junction 2.0)

Takin' it all in

Terrible photo, but wildlife!

Photos never seem to grasp the incline of various terrain, but let me tell you--  these stairs were steep!  Good thing Scott is super agile!  The hike down was probably less than 1/2 a mile, but it felt longer because of the incline- up and down!

 Just below the waterfall access is a nice river.  We spent a few hours swimming, relaxing, and enjoying our picnic lunch: bread, ham and avocado sandwiches.  There are almost always 1-2 elements of a meal that T can eat, it's nice not to pack separate food for her!

 We had a lot of fun swimming in the actual waterfall!  We took turns so someone would stay with T.  It was really chilly, but worth it!

The entrance to the waterfall is maybe 10 min from La Fortuna, a taxi would cost probably $6 each way I would guess.  We were glad we did it with our rental car!
One happy family at La Catarata!


Heather said...

We were there during a huge rainstorm where all the locals got out (flash flood worries maybe?) We took an OH-IO picture. Glad you got there, we had to pay for the taxi.

NatalieD said...

Little T bears a strong resemblance to her papa. Glad you're having this adventure!