Saturday, February 16, 2013

On Speaking Spanish.

I am feeling pretty proud of my Spanish.  That doesn't mean I'm awesome, or even good at all, but I am proud.

I asked Scott "So, what do you think of my spanish so far?" (Obviously fishing for a compliment...)

His reply, "Well, you are fearless."

At first I thought "What is that supposed to mean??" but now I am actually really happy with that!

My vocab is weak.

My conjugations need a lot of work.

My tenses are totally off.

But, if I have a question or need something... I get my answer!

I just say things in a very round-about way and people generally understand me and help me.  On Wednesday when Scott was gone for 8 hours, here are the things I was able to do:

-Check out of our hotel room.

-Find Norma to give me my apartment key.

-Ask how much a taxi ride costs from the bus station to a specific place

-Order lunch for me and T (this involves asking for a fork, high chair, more water please, a box to go...)

I wouldn't say I can "get around" in Spanish yet... but every day I am a little closer!


Margene said...

you do know that you are helped by someone up above. I was in Chile daily. I understood things in Chile only knowing what one word was.
If you try. Some how you will get the point across.

Heather said...

muy bien Estefania!