Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It is so nice to reach a place where you no longer feel like a tourist.
 Yes, we do touristy things, but I think im safe to say that we're at a point where we are comfortable here. 
We know the names of dogs we pass on the way to town, 
we help my smoothie guy with his English homework when we pass by, 
we know exactly how much to pay a cab without being ripped off, 
we have neighbors we know and like, 
we have a few "secret spots" we like to go- places tourists don't really ever hear about, 
we have the bus system worked out, 
we cook for ourselves almost every meal... 
I think I will reflect on these experiences beginning with the phrase
"When we used to live in Costa Rica..."
So that is a success!
My pico turned out really well, if I do say so myself!

I CANNOT believe we only have 2.5 weeks left in La Fortuna! 
We really love it here, waking up and reading on our porch which sits in the middle of the jungle. But we planned to be here for one month before we continue on to the beach! Just yesterday we finalized our place in Samara-- a basic, two bedroom place with rockers out front and a clothesline. Because heaven knows it will be hot enough to dry our clothes in ten minutes :) We did a little calendaring yesterday so we are sure to fit everything we want onto the schedule over the next 2.5 weeks. And, we're kicking it off with going to a bull fight and horse show this weekend!! 

Until next time!

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Kimberly Moore said...

yaya you got a place in samara?! awesome!!