Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Tip.

I just want to give all you blog readers a tip.
If you have retainers
but haven't worn them in tooo long...

Then go get them.

Clean them.

And put them by your nightstand to wear tonight.
You may need to take some Tylenol.
That is okay.

Just wear your retainers and your teeth/face will be happy.
And don't let 6 months go by without popping them in
like I did.

In other news, we rented a car from noon yesterday until noon today.
You better believe we crammed in as many distant activities as we could.
Now we are worn out.
And... gearing up for church tomorrow!


Heather said...

girl, I haven't seen my retainers since ninth grade. And they definitely didn't make the CR packing list. Good for you. Dad is having an operation on his calf muscle right now. He hurt it in pickleball.

Chelsea said...

Yay! Happy to hear about the distant adventures!

Chelsea said...

Btw, I love that I can comment without trying and trying to discern some letters and characters and type them in. It's so much more friendly to comment posters.