Friday, March 29, 2013

Classes in Samara

I have now tried out a several fitness classes in town.
This was my first yoga class, which was extremely difficult for me, but very rewarding.

The teacher Karina had high expectations for the class and a very soothing, yet vibrant personality.  After leaving this class I was tired, sore and sweaty.  Karina advertises as "dynamic yoga" and she certainly gets your heart rate up and I'd be lost without a towel to wipe away the sweat.  

A few days later I went to Jill's yoga class at the gym in town.  She was nice and very into the chanting/connection aspect of yoga, and less into the stretching and core work.  I still enjoyed it, but I surprised myself in my desire to return to Karina's class!

I went to a belly dancing class a few nights ago.  It was REALLY interesting. I somehow ended up in the advanced class on my first time, so the teacher wasn't really breaking down the movements and teaching technique, only running through the dance the other students already knew from weeks prior.  Not going back to this one, but it was fun to go once and see what goes into belly dance that you don't necessarily notice from your ground-seat at an Indian restaurant.

Last but not least, ZUMBA!  The teacher here was extremely engaging and the class was full!  I took a lot of energy from the other participants, and had a lot of fun dancing the night away to Latin music!  Now when I hear music going on around town I can sometimes identify the songs and tell Scott "this is one of my Zumba songs!"  I can't wait to go back!  In fact, I think I'll go tonight!  

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Julie T said...

These classes look so fun! Do you just imitate or do you try to understand what the instructor is saying? How do you push yourself to keep returning in the heat? Zumba sounds great! That's all I would want to go to!