Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun Times with the Fam

Just reminiscing about our fun times with the fam a few weeks ago.  
We raced to the beach in Mal Pais for sunset and kind of made it :)

Look at those crashing waves!

 We are so glad the Hathaways came to visit!! 

And this is the day Scott dressed T up.  Those two are always up to something.

Not sure the name of this beach, but it's between Samara and Mal Pais!

 Just lovin my little baby!  

These elastic rocking chairs are everywhere!  It's just rebar and elastics.  And soooo comfortable!  They fit exactly to your body and are just really great.  We should get on board with these in America!

This beach was one of my highlights of the trip!
 Playa San Miguel!

 Iguanas everywhere

 Love this little lady so much.  She is so funny, if we let her be free at the beach, she just takes off crawling as fast as she can for the water.  She does not slow down as the waves come toward her and even hit her, she just laughs and goes further.  Not timid, this one!  

 And not too clean either :)
There is a group of horses that pass the beach several times a day and every time, T starts flailing her arms and yelping.  She LOVES los cabillos!

And clearly, she loves being the center of attention.


Chelsea said...

I love those rubbery plastic elastic rockers!
Btw you look fantastic.

Julie T said...

Great pix- I love the one of you and T in the hammock! Where is that shot on the deck taken? I also really like all the white in your casa central. Nice cool, fresh look.