Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Casa Central, Samara

When we first learned about our house, it was called "Casa Central."
Now the rental company lists it as "Casa Paradiso."
We think Casa Central is a better name since the very best thing it offers is it's central location.
I worked pretty hard to get a video posted of the walk from our house to the beach... but naturally, it won't publish now.  So I guess I saved you 1:02 minutes of your life because that's how long it takes me to get from my bedroom to laying position in the sand :)

And here is the house in all it's glory
Pretty quaint, huh?

And for my dad, who really wants us to have a gate, a photo of the gate :)
Even though the gate is really simple to hop in about 5 seconds flat.
When you enter the house: 
(T photobombs quite a few of these pics!)

 We have about 2 pieces of furniture too many in this room.  Turns out we like simple in terms of furniture...

Although, we really do like this cabinetry (what are these pieced called again?).  We have no cabinets in the kitchen, so anything we need out of reach from little manos goes up there!
 T's room/ Guest Room:

 Our bedroom:
Do you like the headlamp above the bed?  It's perfect.
 Here is the shelving in the kitchen.  This place came equipped with lots more dishes and kitchen tools than our apartment in La Fortuna.  But, everything here is subject to T's curiosity.

 This gas stove was a struggle for me at first as I was trying to use a lighter to light it.  I could barely get the lighter going, and then I had to put my finger so close to the gas/bursting flame that it really freaked me out.  Cooking has gotten tons better since I bought matches!
 The sink was originally outside the home, but they just kind of built this wood around it and knocked out a wall so now the sink is inside!  There is no hot water and when we first moved in, the drain (That little hole in the bottom center) was jammed full of tiles preventing it from draining.

I am learning the ways of this washing machine.  The trick is to fill it realllly full of water so your clothes don't get thrashed too badly.  Then you drain it and refill it without soap for the rinse cycle.  You can barely see the hose on top.  Then in batches, you move it to the right side where you can spin the clothes.  Not that you really need to... everything dries in about .25 seconds here.  Have I mentioned it is really hot?

 Here is the shower.  Have you used an electric shower before?  When we moved in, no hot water like I said.  But while we were on vacay down to Mal Pais with the family, they came in to fix it per Scott's request.  Just be sure you adjust the heat setting before your shower or you will be electrocuted.     
 And, our absolute favorite part of the house?
We have seven.
I always sit out front from about 5-7am depending on T's sleeping situation.
It is the perfect place to sit and enjoy.

And just to give you a flavor of the culture,
I am here blogging while
 Semana Santa parties are raging with non-professional karaoke singers,
there is a cat fight going on in our front yard.  The cat we affectionately call "broke-tail" is always involved.
And the cicada's are buzzing the night away.


Noelle said...

The headlamp was classic. It's like you are camping every night! Glad you have at least one place safe from little manos. The washer sounds like a pain. You get up at five?! Yikes. What is the rest or her schedule like? Glad you have rockers.

Heather said...

Great post, I really got a feel for where you are. I hear my lovely washer and dryer right now, doing their work so efficiently. Nice sink. Rock out! Semana Santa sounds fun, I love karaoke.

WtlMomma said...

Loved getting to see everything! I am in awe of you for doing what you're doing. :-)

Chelsea said...

What a delightfully accurate portrayal of things. You can't go wrong with a headlamp.

Julie T said...

What fun to see your digs! They are quite different from what I expected! That gate is hilarious but I'm glad you have a washer and dryer and indoor plumbing. Guess you actually don't have a dryer, do you? I'm glad you're letting Tatum have free access to her "toys". You don't want to cripp her mental stimulation after all! Did you say you got the video to work-cuz it won't run for me...says it's private.