Thursday, March 7, 2013

T at 10 months

At 10 months:
T delights in ball time.  She belly laughs and I have never seen her happier than when she is playing with her small bouncy ball.

Will eat:  Anything the adults are eating.  Loves to grab food on her own instead of having us spoon feed her.  She clearly prefers carbs as her favorite foods seem to be: bread, pasta, baked potato and tortilla. She also regularly eats mashed carrot, broccoli, yogurt, peaches and the like.

Gets frantic when:  She feels like she is missing out.  Like mother like daughter.  She often does what we call her "hyperventilating cry" where she breathes in so many times that she can't breathe out or even let out a cry.

 Can Say:  All she really says is "Dada" and now I'm beginning to wonder if she knows what that really means... she did say "duck" twice in a row while looking at a picture of a duck the other day.  I have reason to believe that she associates this word and image because it is 1 of 2 books we have which means she sees that picture approximately 123,054 times each day.

It feels like the poor girl gets in trouble so often.  We always stop her when she wants to 
-Snack on a beetle
-Go fishing for headbands in the toilet
-Taste Costa Rican coinage
-Rip out pages in our planners
-Chew on the plugged in power cord.

I know, life is tough when you're 10 months.
 Luckily for her, we can't stop her from do let her:
-Prepare the game "52 pick up" for us to play
-Remove everything from every drawer in her reach
-Throw food from her tray (we don't have a broom or vacuum which makes this particularly difficult)

All this said, she is generally a happy girl and simply loves attention from her mom and dad.

Sleeps: From 7:30pm until 6am, usually waking up once at either midnight, 2am or 4am.  Not sure how to change this habit without getting the entire apartment building to hate me.

We love our little girl so much!  She is really fun to play with now that she gives defined expressions and can interact with us.  She still loves listening and dancing to Selena and she is always her calmest when we are out for a family hike.  It's crazy to think that in just 2 months we'll be watching her smash her birthday cake!


Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

Such a cutie! Will is also fascinated by the toilet and is furious when the bathroom door is shut. Little trouble makers!

VessandAngie said...

She's getting so big! Can't believe she's almost 1. Hopefully she and harp can get into trouble together someday :) looks like you guys are having a blast! We are loving all the posts!

Elise said...

Love it! She's a cutie, for sure!! Miss K will turn one in just TWO DAYS...can you believe how time flies?!