Saturday, March 2, 2013

Baldi Hot Springs

We had such a fun day at Baldi Hot Springs!
We hit the pools at opening time: 10am, and stayed until 8pm.
That Peapod tent saved us again!  Love naps on the go!
(Can you kind of tell we are matching??  I was pretty excited about that, but you can barely see it... )
The resort is full about 10-12 relaxing pools, almost all of them hot!  
(There are 2-3 cooler swimming pools to cool off!)
This was the ultimate relax day!  Probably the idyllic place you think of when you hear "Costa Rica."
There were swim up bars throughout the resort, this one is at the entrance.
 The pools all kind of connect to each other, with lounge chairs in the shade.

 This grotto was really fun!  It was like a "natural" sauna.  T loved this part!
 There were really not many people around.  Imagine if we weren't chasing T around, it would have been a very romantic day :)
 We love her so much!  Laurie, HUGE thanks for the life vest- it was on and off all day and gave T a little independence!
 There were 3 water slides which we refer to as:  
"Steep and Slick," "The Wedgie King," and "Back Burner."  
 Waterfalls all throughout the resort made it such a peaceful atmosphere!
 We paid $10 extra for a buffet dinner.  It was pretty good, but the highlight was visiting with 6 Oquirrh Mountain temple workers who had been fawning over T all day, but too shy to say hello.  Come dinner one woman couldn't resist and came over to meet T... they were THRILLED with the idea that we are from Utah as well, and here we are together in Costa Rica... they just couldn't get over this connection :)
 This was the hottest pool.  It was definitely over 105 degrees.  I loved it, but we didn't want to take T in there so we just took turns soaking.  
She went down for her first nap about 12:30, slept for 20 minutes until the bar about 20 feet away starting blaring the latin music.  There had been no music all morning and none after that time, it was really unfortunate that she got such a short nap :(  Luckily the pools and constant play time distracted her from being tired.
We were really glad to go on an overcast day.  Had it been sunny we would have melted in the hot springs!  It worked out well to go to dinner around 5 and then do the springs in the dark for two hours after dinner before catching a taxi home. 
This was a good day to be in Costa Rica!


Scott said...

Love me some hot springs!

Chelsea said...

Sigh... looks like a dream! :D

Tara said...

That sounds incredible!