Saturday, March 16, 2013


I generally don't blog unless I have photos uploaded,
but I figure I better stay up on things and back-blog later...

Thursday:  We packed the house in La Fortuna, did lots of cleaning and kind of just hung out until 3pm.  Oh, and we watched Radical Reels climbing videos online... very cool.  At 3, SueAnn, John Jr. and Christina showed up!  We showed them around our place, then took them to our favorite Soda Viquez in town.  They were anxious to try out the hot springs, so we promptly went to Baldi and soaked for the rest of the night!

Friday:  Got up early to load the car, finish last minute cleaning and check out of our apartment.  So weird to end this phase of our time.  It was really closing a chapter of our adventure.  We went over to La Pradera where the fam stayed that night to eat breakfast all together.  Then we went back to La Catarata to see/swim in the very cold waterfall.  But this time we met a HUGE boa along the path!  We got a smoothie on our way out of town, and stopped at the free hot springs for a soak!  Then the 3 hour drive to Samara!  T is being really clingy to me... we are trying to remind her that the family came to see her and she needs to give them loves.  Not happening.  She mostly loves me.  The drive was long but doable, with a stop at Pali in Nicoya for supplies.  We will go back there (~1 hour) for church.  Arrive in Samara around 5:30 and meet our landlord to show us around the new place.  We are surprised that there is no hot water in the kitchen and are adjusting to our new reality in this "tico" house.  We go to dinner on the beach and turn in early.

Saturday (today!):  Everybody wakes up with T at 6am.  Some go running, some sweep the porch, some read... we go to the beach for a bit, gets too hot, come back home.  Hanging out, relaxing.  Then we venture back to Pali in Samara for a few more food items, and now here I am at the house with a sleeping babe while the fam went to cool off in the ocean.  We're planning for pork ribs tonight and gearing up for church in espanol tomorrow!

Until next time!

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Heather said...

great update. Wise of you to type it up even without pictures since time flies by so fast. So glad S's family could come out to visit!