Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Peacocks and Volacanoes

Back before we found our apartment,
we stayed at the Pradera.
The first time we stayed 2 nights.
Friday- Sunday.
Then after church we had nowhere to go really, so we went straight back the the Pradera and checked in a second time, for 3 nights this time :)
Our second stay in room #40 was infinitely better.
We got to take photos of the peacock and roosters without hearing them just behind our back door 
all. night. long.
Isn't he a beauty?
Scott really has a love for T.  I would confidently say that he loves that girl more than any other dad in this country!  
After this photo was taken, Scott popped her on his shoulders and together they crossed the great ravine to go visit the cows and practice their "MOOOOOOing." 

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