Tuesday, March 15, 2011


SOAKING in the rays. Love it.

And then it happened. It had been several hours since my last hot compress. So I insisted that we stop for a break to get the goup out of my eyes. While I was in the bathroom, Scott was re-packing the back of the car. ( I guess it's a guy thing... boys LOVE to pack and re-pack...) So anyway, when i came out of the bathroom, I threw my towel in the back and Scott shut the hatch. Keys locked inside. And that was it. That was the beginning of our 3 hour wait.
AAA failed us.

Without phones, cards, or any snacks, we waited in the desert for what felt like eternity, not knowing if/when anyone was coming. AAA was super elusive and non-committal. Scott had to get a little nasty. Finally the guy in the yellow truck came, but he couldn't get it open. Then his buddy came. Tried, and failed.
AAA told us the next nearest locksmith was in Richfield, 1.5 hours away. It was getting dark and cold, and the shop where we parked was closing. They gave us 1 final call before they closed for the night at 5pm. We called a non-AAA guy in Moab (for the 1,00th time!) who FINALLY answered! So 45 min. later he rolled in, and popped that sucker open in less than 2 minutes. The first 2 guys admitted that they have some practicing to do. Can you imagine if Gary (the lock whiz) hadn't answered his phone. We'd a been camping without a tent! And this is why it is called Canyonlands:
All in all, a GREAT weekend away!


Noelle said...

WOW I can't believe that. You guys really were stranded in the middle of the desert! Yikes. Glad the magic lock guy picked up his phone. So one of these days we may chat. I think I might have one more message in me....

Kimberly Moore said...

Love this whole idea of going to Moab when you're sick! We bought a parks pass last year and are itching to use it!!!! Have you guys heard of the Massive Moab Trip?!