Monday, March 28, 2011

NZ Crew!

This last weekend was WONDERFUL. It was even better than my birthday. ALL my friends came over!

Kpax (backpacking S. America now) Erin (Hair Stylist in Boise) Jessica (Math teacher in SLC) Megan (RM, Rec major!)

Haeree (who knows... LOVING her life. Massage therapy maybe?) Julia (Rec therapist at and old folks home) and Ramsay (The guy who motivated me to keeeeeep walking when i was very tired in NZ.)

Ashley (Financial planning) Ali (Physical Therapy Aide) and Mark (Our fearless director who took 30 twenty year old girls and 6 boys to New Zealand for 4 months!)

Marcie (our student nominated leader who is ROCK awesome!!!)

Love these ladies Taylor and Lisa (mommies and BYU grads) and Maggie (served in Germany)

After everyone left, Scott was all "I like those people because they are all very down to earth." It is so true, all the people in the picture below are very REAL. It's refreshing and fun to be with them again :) I think we had about 30 people come to the Hathaway House for our big reunion. It was seriously SO much fun to catch up- I cannot believe it's been 3 years since we were biking through Invercargill, bungee jumping off Kuaru bridge and hiking the Routeburn track!

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Sandra & Brent said...

Stef, I think that you'll never be able to stay home for very long at a time. You're like my husband Brent . . . always itching to go somewhere! What marvelous adventures you've had!