Saturday, April 21, 2012

36 Weeks at City Creek

So, this photo is from 2 weeks ago... pretty darn big at 36 weeks.  I need to beg Scott to take some more this weekend.  When I ask him to take belly shots, he says "Didn't we do this just like 2 weeks ago?"  And every time I tell him, "Yes, that's the whole idea..."  So anyway, we'll see if I can get some new ones up here.  But, I'll be pretty happy if she comes today, so we don't have to see that belly grow any larger!  
We went to City Creek in SLC- that big new mall. It is prettty grand, let me tell you!  Here we are on the overpass.  Scott loves to grab our little girl and make sure she knows his voice.  Whenever he comes home from works he says hi to me, and he always says hi to my belly.
We had lunch with Sue and Christina at City Creek... it was such a nice warm day!
And last but not least, a picnic in the park!  We got some roasted chicken from Maceys and brought our things to the park for an evening out.
Have I mentioned that navel oranges are in season and DELICIOUS?  I can't get enough!

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Julie T said...

I love picnics, especially as the weather gets warmer and warmer. Navel oranges, ha!! Yes I love them too-just wish they were easier to don't have a tutorial on that, do you? I'll admit, you do look a lot bigger than you were 6 months ago, but you're not even in the ballpark compared to me when I had you at 63 pounds heavier!!