Friday, April 20, 2012

Q1 Adventure: Moab

Scott is doing a thing this year he calls "Four Quarters of Adventure." Basically that means he does a really awesome adventure once every three months. Adventures that require planning and preparation, not just like a Saturday drive to snowshoe in Heber or something... So anyway, Quarters 2 and 3 will be sunny and nice, but it was kind of hard to get the first one going. He ended up biking slick rock and rappelling Corona arch in Moab with his friend Josh.

Looks pretty fun to me!

Unfortunately, Scott took a little spill... Luckily it was nothing a few Tylenol couldn't fix :)
I think this trip was perfect for a boys only weekend.  But, hopefully the baby and I can go along on the Q2 adventure! 

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Julie T said...

What beautiful weather and site to do this adventure on! And how fortunate is Scott to have a good friend like Josh to share it with!!