Monday, April 9, 2012

Brick Oven

A few weeks ago our friends Whitney and Devon and their new baby Reese came into town for a visit! It worked out nicely that they chose Brick Oven since we had a gift card there :)
We got the combo meal for two which I would highly recommend. We eat got a nice big salad, a pasta dish (Alfredo for me, lasagna for Scott), we shared a deep dish Hawaiian pizza, and each got a cookie for dessert! And since we went on a Monday, free root beer! For $22 (with a $20 gift card) we left very happy!

So fun that so many friends could come!

I think we were celebrating Whitney's birthday too... but since she was nursing Devon took the stage :)
All the ladies! Wow, I just realized I am the only preggo one there... oh dear, quite the belly...
Thanks for the fun everyone!
p.s. My first day off work is going great- I've deep cleaned the refrigerator and gotten the house back to running condition after a fun Easter weekend.


Noelle said...

Sounds fun. I do remember they have good root beer. You are lookin' great Stef! Only a few weeks to go!!!

Whit said...

Love it! We started missing it the second we left!