Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Last Day

Saturday we woke up and Scott told me this is our last day together.  Like, forever.  (Assuming the baby came this week...)  He seemed kind of okay with it, like it was a good change.  But I had this weird emotional response and proceeded to treat every part of the day like it was my last day alive.  

So anyway, we went for a morning walk before it got too hot.  Then we headed to a local nursery to learn about plants.  We came back and I took a bath, rested and got ready for the big outing.  It kind of takes a lot to get me going these days... 

We went to Harmons and debated on cheeses for a long while.  We ended up with a loaf of french bread, and this aged brie.  It was DELIGHTFUL!  We want to make a habit of trying various cheeses so we can find out what we love!
We took our picnic up the canyon and spent a few hours just relaxing in the sun.  It was awesome :)
Strawberries were the perfect compliment!

Then we stopped to get some Sushi for Scott (LUCKY dog!) and made our way to Thanksgiving Point for the tulip festival!

It was 3 years ago at this tulip festival when Scott was trying to win me back. I had just come home from Jerusalem, and was pretty hesitant to get into this relationship again.  We ended up holding hands as we walked through the gardens and I remember having a really fun time :)  I am so proud that when he tried to kiss me, I refused.  Scott says that was the only time in my entire life when I have missed an opportunity to kiss him.   Hahaha, what funny times!  Who knew we'd be back to the tulip festival in 3 years, with a baby coming any day!  


Noelle said...

Wow, we both did little reminiscent posts today. Loved seeing these pics. I'm thinking of you every day! I hope you have the baby soon! Also, sushi and aged brie? Who would have guessed!

Julie T said...

I remember those days when Scott was trying to win you back so well! Glad that's all over- you had me on pins and needles! I just tried two excellent cheeses from Costco: champagne cheese and wasabi horseradish- not too hot. Anything with horseradish in it happens to be wonderful! I'm guessing you'll have the baby on the 2nd or 3rd!

Amber Eliason said...

Aw, I totally had a melt down a few days before Daisy was born. It was kind of a sad thing to think that it would never again be the same with just the two of us. That's great that you guys got to have a good full day together. I'm so excited to hear when baby is on her way!