Monday, April 23, 2012


Okay, here are a few projects.  After months of working on these things, I'm finally posting!  Here is the contoured changing pad cover.  This took about 2 hours because it was my first time, it would go much faster to do again.  The only tricky part is the contouring:
Then I just put some elastic in the corners and called it good. 
I did the crib sheet in the same fabric.  But since I will wash the crib sheet often, and since I wanted to learn a new skill, I did french seams on that.  It turned out really nicely!  2 yards was barely enough!
The crib bedding took a year and a half!  When I saw people charging like $300 on etsy for custom crib bedding I thought "What a rip off!" but after making it myself, I would never do it for less than $300.  Granted, I did do piping (See the teal along the edges of the bumper?) and fit it specifically for our crib.  Using that minky-like fabric on the inside of the bumper proved to be my best choice ever because the fluff covers any mistake or uneven line I sewed.  As for the crib skirt, it just takes a while to ruffle that much fabric, but I think it was well worth it!

Huge kudos to Scott for painting this crib and fixing it all up!  We paid $50 on ksl and we love it!
I love the valance!  My friend Kristen made that for me and refurbished the curtain rod too!  I love the gathers and I like that it will fit (hopefully) future windows too.  

And here is the bow board!  I got a frame for $5 with a Hobby Lobby sale + coupon, and then painted it white with the leftover crib paint.  Then, just used lace and started making bows like crazy!  I will post some close ups of my fav bows, and then some headbands soon!  I am in LOVE with some of the headbands, and I'm kind of going crazy with ideas for more :)

Stay tuned for my latest projects: ruffle bum/bow photo prop, nursing chair pillow cover, pom pom mobile, and the car seat canopy!  The nursing chair will hopefully arrive Wednesday, so I hope to do another Babyland post later this week.  So fun to build a nursery, it has really been a fun challenge to do on a budget!


Julie T said...

Wow, Stefanie! You really "went to town" on that Nursery! Your corners look so professional and what fun colors! I couldn't be more impressed! Who knew that this girl who started some quiliting just before high school would turn out to be a gifted pattern designer and fearless seamstress! Can't wait to finger the goods! :)

Heidi said...

It looks beautiful! Don't you love all the projects you can do for a little girl?! I'm just finishing up making my bedding too, what a project! I love your colors and everything. You are so talented!!

Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

So cute!! I have to warn you that you'll need another bow board- those little baby bows seem to multiple very quickly:)

Margene said...

I am impressed with your hidden talent. Little girls are fun, but some just don't like ruffles and bows.

gwt said...

Great work Stefanie! How fulfilling seeing the finish product must be. We can't wait!

Whit said...

Love it! You are amazing for taking on such huge projects!! :) I just bought a frame yesterday to make a "bow board." I saw the most adorable one at a $$$$ baby store and decided to make my own. You'll have to give me some tips! :)