Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

About a week late on my Easter post... but better late than never! The morning began with finding our Easter baskets! Scott loves finding his basket, I need to become a better hider.
(BTW, we love our new Britax carseat and stroller... I take it for test drives regularly.)
Then off to church for some great meetings. Home to prep the meat.
Ham is the easiest thing ever to cook, so Scott decided to jazz things up by creating a delicious honey glaze. Between placing the cloves and getting the glaze to reduce and thicken perfectly, it was quite the ordeal :)

So fun to have Christina and SueAnn for dinner! And the best part is that we have had leftover ham all week!
On to the egg dying competition! We each got to submit three eggs.
Christina was very protective of her designs. No idea thieving allowed!
And the results:
#1: Christina for "Heart Attack"
#2: Stefanie "Princess Polka Dot"
#3: Christina: "Chevron Classic"
#4: SueAnn "Indian Nights"
Can you find Scott's measles Easter egg? We had fun, and with my newfound hard boiling skills, they taste great too!

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Noelle said...

I didn't know you do an egg dying competition! Looks like it's right up my alley. :) I see your belly button has popped! Fun. Also, I'm sure you'll love the Britax! I hear great things!