Friday, April 27, 2012

Fire Time

Last weekend we headed up AF canyon for a little fire time.  We're not sure if babies should be exposed to all the smoke and such very early on... so we made sure to eat a tin foil dinner and roast some mallows before she comes.  
There was literally NOBODY else having a fire that night!  It was the craziest thing.  Springtime, great weather... idk what the deal was because usually we have to fight for a spot.  
Josh, Katrina and Ryker joined us for our night in the woods.  We always have a good time with them!
I read up on how to make tin foil dinners better before making these... one trick I liked was to put cabbage at the bottom so the meat doesn't burn at all!  It flavored everything nicely too!  Also, use more cream of mushroom soup than you think- makes it more juicy and delicious!
Can you believe it is watermelon season?  Yum!

If the baby doesn't come on her own soon, Scott has Plan B all worked out...
(It seriously looks like a basketball under my shirt, right?  Wow.) 

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