Thursday, April 19, 2012


Every day I have been doing what I call my "Dailies."
I am on week 2, so far so good.
I hope it lasts.
Every day, I just think I need to do "First things First" like my mom always taught us. Somehow there is time to do the things you love to do if you do the most important things first.

1. Exercise- with Scott, every morning.
2. Read the Book of Mormon- It is not easy. 24 pages each day. But it is going well and it really feels like a story.
3. Clean a Space- I have a list of all the cleaning that needs to happen before baby. I just do one closet each day, or one space. Some days are bigger than others, but it is nice to just get one space clean!
4. Shower. Enough said. Kind of crazy that is on my "to do" list these days. Shouldn't that just be a given?
5. Talk to and/or hang out with a friend. It is important for me to be with people every day!
6. Sew Something- My endless project list really needs to size down. I have so many great things to make, there is just not time for it all!
7. Rest. I plan a rest into each day. Sometimes it is only 10 minutes, but I know once baby Hathaway is here, I will regret not having rested. So I try to do that before making a killer dinner.

It's amazing how fast the days go by. I did have one freak out late last week when I just got really lonely/unfulfilled. But it only lasted about 30 minutes and once I got back to the sewing machine I was happy again :) Now I'm off to the hospital to pre-register so we'll be all set when this little girl decides to make her debut. 2 weeks left and counting!

I had about 5 pics of my fridge cleaning experience the other day, but they are not agreeing with Only one is working. But, that fridge is sparkling clean these days, and organized! It's nice to know what food you actually have and then plan meals around that. Easy on the brain and the wallet! I would recommend it!


Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

You're getting so close! Both of my babies were 2 weeks early so it's good you're ready:)

Margene said...

Sound like you are into nesting, maybe she will come early.

Julie T said...

Big kudos on doing your dailies!! You are showing a lot of discipline and you won't regret having the shower and fridge all clean; the closets organized; the projects behind you and several rests tucked away! Keep up the good work!