Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hearts for Home Health

Friday was my last day of work. I can hardly believe it. I'm now on break until the baby comes! My boss gave me this apple pie carmel apple. Every time I eat a Rocky Mountain apple I wonder why I don't crave them more often... They are REALLY delicious!
Scott and I really debated on when my last day should be, and we finally concluded April 6. Even though I am not due until April 27-May 3 (not super sure...) I have lots to do to mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally prepare for our child.

Here are just a few of my goals over the next few weeks:

1. Do not exacerbate my pregnancy side effects read: take it easy
2. Finish the Book of Mormon (this will require about 1 hour a day...)
3. Go walking every day
4. Sew a car seat canopy and lots of other crafts!
5. Decide on and buy a nursing chair
6. Try to sleep during the day since I don't really do that at night
7. Get the oil changed and registration renewed on both cars
8. Do the taxes (This is more urgent than the rest...)
9. Put in a lot of time on my calling
10. Make about a million bows :)

My list is actually about 40 items long... I'm thinking I should pare it down so I don't get overwhelmed. I am really happy not to sit at a desk for 8 hours anymore... it was preetttty wearing at the end there. Back in October when I threw up almost every day at work, I thought this day would never come. But it came. It's crazy.
To celebrate, we went out to eat at my favorite place: Thai Drift. That place never gets old.
SO funny, Thai Drift had an unofficial "Redheads of Utah County Unite" day on Friday night... out of 6 groups of people in the little restaurant, 4 of them were redheads! It was seriously wild!

After dinner, we bought some flowers for the patio. The weather is getting nicer every day and we are excited to have LIVE plants in our life!
Now they are out planted on our patio. Hyacinth, Ranunculi, Daffodil, and we already had Pansies.

Happy HAPPY Easter :)


Julie T said...

First, congratulations for enduring to the end at work! That apple looks absolutely delicious! :) Do they give redheads a free drink or anything on Redhead Day to motivate them? Your goals look fun (except the taxes!) and very attainable! And it would be super easy to cut some circles of fabric and tie them around those lovely plants for your deck. Happy Easter to you!!

Emily Holden said...

Wow! I can't believe you are getting so close! I'm so excited for you and hope you are able to check lots of things on your list. Good luck!

Thad and Christa said...

As excited as I am for little baby hathaway to arrive, I sure do miss you here at hearts! Any time you want to do lunch just let me know

Noelle said...

I wish I lived in UT so we could go to that thai place together. Sounds amazing. I made Thai coconut shrimp tonight from tonight and it was GREAT! Scott would have given it a home run. Good luck on all your goals!