Friday, April 13, 2012

Jackson Hole- Snowshoeing and Skiing

Next activity: Snowshoeing.

The visitors center takes you on a snowshoeing excursion for a "small donation" using their ancient snowshoes. Scott really needs some waterproof shoes. He pulled the plastic bag/tennis shoe trick all weekend and ended up with wet feet. Poor boy.

I just wore rain boots. Look what a beautiful day!

The ranger really liked to tell us every detail of the history of the park and lives of the founders... I got super tired and had to lay down at like every stop. I thought we were snowshoeing for about an hour- but the 3.5 hour ordeal was wearing on this pregnant girl! Walking for that long is hard enough, but through the snow? Let's just say I had to put on a smile and know that it would be a great memory :)
How magnificent!

And we came home to broccoli cheddar soup!
And brownies. I'm a sucker for brownies.
Then poof! John and SueAnn came! We were on the phone with them one morning, and then within hours they were on a flight from LAX straight to Jackson Hole! Thank you flight benefits! SueAnn loves her mountains and when we told her what fun we were having, she got John out of church and they boarded the plane for Wyoming!
Pretty impressive that they'd come up for the day. We enjoyed steak, potatoes, and broccoli. And Martinelli's. Games after dinner, and just a fun night relaxing in the cabin.

And for our final activity:
Cross country skiing. What an epic adventure.
None of us will forget this day any time soon. It was really cold. And mostly uphill I would say.
Scott was clearly our leader, SueAnn and I were so funny getting ourselves oriented and moving forward. Hahaha, so much fun!
I really didn't believe we'd make it all 3 miles in to our destination, but we did it!
And on the way home, we stopped in some podunk Idaho town. You could tell our waitress knew how to brand a cow.

A few more pics for good measure:

Happy weekend away!
Can you believe all that was in one short weekend?
I love my life!


Claire said...

I bet my husband grew up in that "podunk Idaho town" :) This looks like so much fun!!

Noelle said...

Looks totally fun. I'm still amazed you did all that exertion pregnant. I just donated my matching coat...