Thursday, April 26, 2012

Car Seat Canopy and Burp Cloths

Here is the final product:
I really love how it turned out.  I read a few tutorials, but I seriously can never follow a pattern or tutorial to save my life!  I just get going and I get over patterns so fast... I would probably have less complications if I could follow directions.  But hey, I have fun sewing and I usually like how things work out in the end.

You can see how I gathered the fabric in the back?  I don't want things flopping around.... 
I just decided to do thin strap ties.  
And then, the underside!  I've been looking for a way to incorporate chevron into this baby's life. I think the underside of the car seat canopy was the perfect way!  Classier on the outside, party on the inside :)  I also like that I will be able to use this for a boy one day.  I may just redo the whole thing when that time comes, but if the budget it tight, I could be really happy with this.   
The elastic in the back pulled the cover kind of weird, so I did these hook and eye straps to keep it pulling forward.  Too bad I didn't have black elastic on hand... oh well!

Those straps on top make it truly reversible, but my friends tell me they are good to have on the underside anyway so you can attach toys or tie things inside to entertain the baby.  
And a little detail for good measure:

Now for the burp cloths:
The perfect project for scraps!  These were quick to whip up.  I'm kind of alarmed that I didn't have any burp cloths until yesterday.  I hear they're kind of important. 
 I think I'm in for a a lot of changes/surprises.  
But until then, I'll just keep sewing.  
Next project:  Pinterest inspired embellished pillow covering.


Julie T said...

Gorgeous results! I love the fun, lively colors! And my favorite part: the stitching detail!! Cant wait to see the embellished pillow coverings!

Julie T said...

Why don't you make Scott a tie out of the burp cloth remainders? jk :)

Jessica Holly said...

You are super mom...seriously! How do you do it all?? I'm so impressed!

Noelle said...

Wow, those turned out so cute. you really went above and beyond making it reversible. Love the chevron. The detail was awesome and I liked the idea of gathering the back as well.

Heather said...

You amaze me! You are crafting on a professional level! Your baby girl is one lucky bug. We're praying for her to come any time now.

Anonymous said...

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