Saturday, April 28, 2012

Indian YUM

A few weeks back we found ourselves at Bombay House with some friends.  

It was even better than I remember.  I always get Chicken Tikka Marsala to ensure that I like at least one of our dishes.  
Then Scott likes to try every crazy thing you see on the menu.  Since this meal, he has spent his free time planning his order for the next time we make it to Provo for dinner.

Last time we ate here was on Scott's birthday 2.5 years ago, the day he proposed!

The naan at Bombay House is far superior to that of Kohinoor or India Palace, the other windows to India we frequent.
Do you know what is weird?  Neither of us really want to go to India.  I think maybe Cambodia fulfilled that longing for us.  Same genre, you know?  

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure we will make it to the Taj Mahal one day, but for now, Machu Picchu or even a trip back to Indonesia (our FAV!) would trump India.   

But Indian food sure is delicious.  I never knew I would learn to love food so much.  Scott has really helped me to appreciate a wider range of ethnic foods, and trained my tastebuds to know elevated flavor and delicious pairings.  It is a lot of pressure to be his full time chef, but luckily this boy likes tacos and spaghetti on weeknights :)


Margene said...

What you have never been close to Machu pichu. That and Japan are my two favorite places that I have been. If you ever see pictures of Machu Pichu it is exciting but not like it is in real. It is a must to visit in the future I will tend the little one while you go.

NatalieD said...

Will Scott eat a regular PBJ? Maybe you could make it with natural peanut butter, some sort of exotic jam/jelly and homemade rustic bread.